14 - 18 feb

Bi Flamenko

International Flamenco Festival

Past event
14 Feb
15, 20, 23 EUR

Past event
Past event
15. feb. ob 14. in 15. uri
Admission free

Past event
15 Feb
16 EUR

Past event
Past event
16 to 17 Feb
5'50 EUR

Past event
18. Feb.
17, 21, 25, 28 EUR

Past event
Past event

Cankarjev dom in cooperation with Flamenco Biennale Netherlands


Ernestina Van de Noort, Artistic Director of Flamenco Biënnale NL
Bogdan Benigar, Jazz and Music of the World Programme Director, Cankarjev dom
Andrej Jaklič, Theatre and Contemporary Dance Programme Director, Cankarjev dom


The second International Bi Flamenko Festival continues to spread the message outlined by its first edition. The Festival was established in the desire to demonstrate to the national audiences that flamenco is a contemporary, dynamic, creative and highly innovative form of dance and music art. Although firmly grounded in rich tradition, flamenco belongs to the present, with an orientation towards the future. The artists featured at our second flamenco biennial display these same characteristics – a selection of incredibly young, compelling and courageous performers who dare to challenge boundaries and push the envelope whilst oozing charisma and charm. Moreover, a significant detail must not be overlooked, – Slovenians are not only passionate flamenco enthusiasts, we are also passionate flamenco artists. The festival will premiere two national productions, creations that rank these performers alongside Spanish ‘young hands’ at this beautiful art form. In short: music, dance, a combination of both, film, workshops, masterclasses, talks…, as well as two deejay events where visitors will be cast in the role of dancers. After all, getting together is what it’s all about. Wouldn’t you agree? Then we’ll see you around.

Andrej Jaklič, Theatre and Contemporary Dance Programme Director
Bogdan Benigar, Jazz and World Music Programme Director

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