14 Feb 2020 20:00

Rafael Riqueni


When Rafael Riqueni made a grand comeback to the stage after a long absence in his native Seville in 2014, he was received with a historic ‘olé’.  

In his hands, the hands of all the wise men of the guitar seemed to conspire.

On his début in Slovenia he will play his already classical flamenco repertoire of soleás, bulerías and tangos. Well accompanied by two other distinguished flamenco guitarists Salvador Gutiérrez and Manuel de la Luz he will present his new CD Parque de María Luisa: a lyrical walk through a park in Seville where the colours and smells of the city on the Guadalquivir come together.

Rafael Riqueni

14 Feb 2020 20:00
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EUR 15, 20, 23

5% discount on online purchases cd-cc.si

The concert forms part of the Bi Flamenco Festival in cooperation with the Dutch Flamenco Biennial



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