16 Feb 2020 19:30

Nairuz + David Carmona Trio: Un Sueño de Locura

Flamenco guitar, oud: Mirza Redžepagić
Vocals, ney: Almedin Varošanin
Double bass: Daniel More
Dance, palmas: Urška Centa

A project by Bosnian guitarist Mirza Redžepagić, Nairuz blend the rich heritage of Turkish Sufi music and flamenco. The dialogue between two different musical traditions sharing the same core resonates with the soft sounds of flamenco guitar, oriental oud, Turkish ney and double bass, complemented by the sonorous Sufi singing and palmas as an essential form of percussion that helps accentuate the absorbed flamenco dance. The music they play is new, imbued with mysticism. The name Nairuz derives from old Persian and symbolises the birth of spring, the blossoming of nature.


David Carmona Trío: Un sueño de locura
Kiki Morente, special collaboration
Guitar: David Carmona
Vocals: KikiMorente
Percussion: Agustin Diassera

Guitar wizard David Carmona was discovered by maestro Manolo Sanlúcar, who proclaimed his pupil to be his “adoptive son, only heir, the future of flamenco guitar playing”. Carmona thus followed in the footsteps of illustrious flamenco guitarists like Rafael Riqueni, Niño de Pura and Vicente Amigo. On his debut album Sueños de Locura (Dreams of Insanity), David Carmona creates new flamenco harmonies for the musical connoisseur. When he plays, his strings seem to pluck the notes from the air and house them loosely in a theme. His compositions are like sketches capturing the scent, the spirit of the old cantes (songs) using a freer scale, the “mixolidio”, the road to new flamenco horizons as shown to him by Sanlucár. The most important lesson from his master? “A musician must be a human being first and foremost. It’s your humanity that is the source of your music.”

Nairuz + David Carmona Trio: Un Sueño de Locura

16 Feb 2020 19:30
16 Feb 2020 19:30
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