Patricia Guerrero = modern flamenco. Art that builds dreams and realities, that dismantles harmful, oppressive myths. The critics describe her art as dance writ large and her audiences see her as a modern, daring, creative and free artist, a feminist, a woman, a daughter and above all… a dancer.

Unfolding in an imaginary place, Patricia’s latest show Distopia explores unreal nature, solitude, incomprehension, life that is not as we have imagined it but for this very reason all the more surprising, painfully beautiful, and always worth indulging in. Three brilliant dancers, outstanding musicians and an accomplished singer skilled in the full gamut of genres, be it opera, flamenco or songs by the hottest pop musicians around, perfectly complement the storyline.

Distopia is a story through which we touch ground zero, only to leap off from it the very same moment. It is not exactly clear where we’re going, we only know it’s up, up and away… It’s a cathartic event. Just like the art of Patricia Guerrero who draws geometric shapes with her dancing. Then she transforms them, undoes them and turns them into fundamental elements like fire. 'Dystopias' of a dancer that she turns into 'Cathedrals' both big and small with her dancing. From utopia to dystopia with a dance that she nurtures, cures, cares for, wraps and offers to the spectator as a gift. The story moves between reality and dreams, truth and delirium, through an imaginarium of intertwining sound and movement, becoming a game of impulses that follows a woman in a seemingly pleasant society, but which at its core imprisons this woman and strips her of her own being, almost her own body, transforming her into a kind of automaton with pre-set movements. This story takes a lot of inspiration from the reality that we live in, showing us a side of the world that is hidden, and which is lived in silence and solitude.


Art that builds dreams and realities.

Patricia Guerrero: Distopija

18 Feb 19:30
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EUR 17, 21, 25, 28
14* EUR for younger than 25 and older than 65, as well as pensioners, discounted prices for the lowest seat category

5% discount on online purchases

Choreography: Patricia Guerrero
Music: Dani de Morón



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