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Damijan Stepančič Hinko Smrekar Award
Past event
27 Mar 2019 20:00

13th Slovenian Biennial of Illustration

In collaboration with ZDSLU - Illustration sector.

In collaboration with ZDSLU - illustration section.

The exhibition and shop opening hours: Monday–Saturday between 10am and 7pm, Sundays and holidays until 6pm. 

During the euroPD Congress, to take place at Cankarjev dom between 3 and 5 May 2019, access to the CD Gallery and VIVO restaurant will only be available through the Employee Entrance from Prešernova Street. We regret to inform you that Peter Gedei’s Subterranean Worlds photo exhibition, displayed in the Small Gallery, as well as the Art Critics Choice and Designers Society of Slovenia showcases held in Foyer I will be closed to the public.

The 13th Slovenian Biennial of Illustration, on display at the CD Gallery, will close at 16.00 on 7 May due to the presentation of the Transgeneration Awards. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


A central overview of Slovenian illustration, the Biennial unites older and younger generations of illustrators employing diverse artistic methods and rewards their finest achievements with the Hinko Smrekar Award, as well as the Smrekar distinctions and accolades. Maintaining high standards of creativity and testifying to the excellence of Slovenian illustration, the event showcases the latest artistic methods and techniques employed in illustration: re-imagined painting techniques, illustration incorporating elements of film, comic strip, animated film, electronic media and other advanced technologies.

The show thus provides an invaluable platform for recognising the importance of illustration, an artform decisively co-shaping – in its major children’s book segment – the visual perception and understanding of young readers, and having a responsible role in education – as a pictorial language co-creating human consciousness and crucially influencing mental development.

Jury members selecting the artists and awarding prizes include:

Monika Ivančič Fajfar, Sarival Sosič, PhD, Radovan Jenko, Peter Škerl, Nina Pirnat Spahić


The 13th Slovenian Biennial of Illustration participants:

Ana Baraga, Marta Bartolj, Kristina Bastelj, Julijana Božič, Suzi Bricelj, Anamarija Bukovec, Hana Černivec, Zvonko Čoh, Bojana Dimitrovski, Tina Dobrajc, Jure Engelsberger, Milan Erič, Bibi Erjavec, Ančka Gošnik Godec, Miha Hančič, Aleksander Jankovič Potočnik, Adriano Janežič, Hana Jesih, Maja Kastelic, Mateja Kavčič, Semira Kentrić, Manica Klenovšek Musil, Matej Kocjan – Koco, Anka Kočevar, Tanja Komadina, Špela Košir, Jernej Kovač Myint, Maša Kozjek, David Krančan, Polona Kunaver Ličen, Vladimir Leben, David Ličen, Polona Lovšin, Maja Lubi, Mirko Malle, Matija Medved, Zarja Menart, Teja Milavec, Ivan Mitrevski, Eva Mlinar, Dušan Muc, Marija Nabernik, Irena Ocepek, Silvan Omerzu, Andreja Peklar, Maja Poljanc, Lila Prap, Arjan Pregl, Marija Prelog, Tereza Prepadnik, Petra Preželj, Maša P. Žmitek, Ana Razpotnik Donati, Anja Rupar, Liana Saje Wang, Luka Seme, Daša Simčič, Iztok Sitar, Alenka Sottler, Alenka Spacal, Hana Stupica, Matej Stupica, Igor Šinkovec, Gregor Štrukelj, Maja Šubic, Tibor Tekavec, Gorazd Vahen, Žarko Vrezec, Huiqin Wang, Meta Wraber, Sanja Zamuda, Ana Zavadlav

13th Slovenian Biennial of Illustration

27 Mar 2019 20:00
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Ivan Cankar Janko Kos stoletnica smrti razstava Silvan Omerzu
Past event
19. jun 2018 - 28. feb 2019

Ivan Cankar and Evropa

Between Shakespeare and Kafka. Cankar on Cankar Festival.

Between Shakespeare and Kafka 

Cankar on Cankar Festival

The exhibition and shop opening hours: Tuesday–Saturday between 10am and 7pm, Sundays and holidays until 6pm. Mondays closed.

An examination of Cankar’s art through an analysis of influences and interpretations, and juxtaposition with contemporary European writers. The visually elaborate architectural and graphic layout, supported by audio-visual media, installation art and diverse visual highlights, offers a vivid account of Cankar’s excellence, his comprehensively exquisite aesthetic and artistic vision. 

Devised by: Dr Janko Kos in cooperation with Ženja Leiler; Visual design, layout: Silvan Omerzu, Katarina Štok Pretnar

Ivan Cankar and Evropa

19. jun 2018 - 28. feb 2019
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6 Jun 2019 - 3 Mar 2020


Ancient Greek Science and Technology

Experience the exhibition with an audio guide.

The exhibition illustrates the inseparable connection between the development of Greek science and technology, focusing on mathematics, physics, astronomy and medicine among the scientific disciplines, and achievements in engineering, shipbuilding, architecture, telecommunications, hydraulics and the development of automatic machines and measuring devices in the field of technology.

Some of the most compelling showcased technical areas include architecture and construction technology, mathematics or geometry with Archimedean solids and Pythagorean theorem, mechanics with Archimedes’ screw, telecommunications with the hydraulic telegraph, astronomy and the famous mechanism from the island of Antikythera, automata and mobile automatic theatre, as well as music with hydraulis or water organ.  

The ancient Greeks’ most significant and long-lasting contributions to Western science and philosophy stemmed from their deeply inquisitive and curios mind. Great thinkers like Socrates (470–399 BC), Plato (427–347 BC) and Aristotle (384–322 BC) examined the issues that have puzzled mankind since time immemorial and discussed the questions of our origins, our future and whether pondering on these concerns is of any consequence.

The exhibition’s 3D-animations, interactive applications as well as replicas and scale models of ancient instruments help viewers gain an insight into the vast reservoir of technical knowledge acquired during the centuries of continuous Greek prosperity and development, which radically changed human life in several areas.

The exhibition also provides a platform for documenting, studying and presenting the vast reservoir of technical knowledge acquired during the centuries of continuous Greek prosperity and development.


6 Jun 2019 - 3 Mar 2020
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In cooperation with NOESIS – Thessaloniki Science Centre and Technology Museum

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