2 Jun 2020 20:00

Ana Kravanja & Samo Kutin


Ana Kravanja & Samo Kutin, Slovenia
Ana Kravanja, viola, hand-made instruments, sound objects, voice; Samo Kutin, hurdy gurdy, tampura brač, hand-made instruments, voice

Abacaxi, France, Germany - cancelled
Julien Desprez, leader, guitar, light; Jean Francois Riffaud, bass, light; Max Andrzejewski, drums, synth, light

Improvisers and multi-instrumentalists Ana Kravanja and Samo Kutin have gained international renown as members of Širom and rose to national prominence with various projects and collaborations, most notably the Najoua duo. For each live performance – always a special and unique experience – Ana and Samo select a different mode of expression and instrumentation, and invariably draw on the rich assortment of self-made instruments or music paraphernalia they have collected round the globe. The concert will feature music from their latest album, to be released in late winter.

With their Spartan lineup of guitar, bass, and drums, the German-French trio Abacaxi creates entrancing musical experiences. Their violently distorted sounds rapidly turn into fantastic acoustic orgies with light interventions, orchestrated by the musicians themselves with dance-like manoeuvres on an array of floor pedals, and stage lighting controls that come to life during the performance like electrical toys. The trio puts new improjazz into a theatrical context that repeatedly leads to uninhibitedly excessive sensory heights.

Best concert of the 2019 Saalfelden Jazz Festival.

Ana Kravanja & Samo Kutin

2 Jun 2020 20:00
2 Jun 2020 20:00
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