27 Oct 2020 20:00

Bratko Bibič - Gostovanja: Hommage à cliché - cancelled

The concert has been cancelled.

In compliance with the restrictive measures taken by the Government of RS to limit the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, Cankarjev dom has cancelled or rescheduled all events. All exhibitions are temporarily closed.

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Slovenia, Austria, Serbia, Czech Republic; Portugal

Bratko Bibič, Paul Schuberth, accordion, vocals; Tomáš Novák, violin, vocals; Jelena Popržan,  viola, vocals; Elisa Lapan, Vasko Atanasovski, saxophones; Christopher Haritzer, clarinets; Eduardo Raon, pedal harp; Franz Haselsteiner, helicon bass keyboard accordion; Aleš Rendla, drums, percussion

Guests: Ana Kravanja , violin, vocals;  Samo Kutin, plucked stringsvocals; Tea Vidmar, vocals

The Tuesday Clubbing concert will mark the release of a new (double) album Gostovanja: Hommage à cliché (Klopotec) featuring live recordings of original compositions by accordionists Bratko Bibič, Otto Lechner and Paul Schuberth, as well as improvisations performed by different lineups of altogether nearly fifty musicians over the past five years. The concert repertoire will include music from the new album arranged for the featured configuration and conceptually divided into two sections: Harmonikarjenje (Accordion-playing) focused on accordion music and Obredovanja (Ritual-performing) giving prominence to solo and collective music-making and improvisations. As well as presenting some new works, the Tuesday concert will be spiced with improvisation.

In cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum Ljubljana, Slovenian Cultural and Information Centre SKICA Vienna – as part of the neighbourly dialogue between Austria and Slovenia in 2019–20 –, Akkordeon Festival Wien.

Bratko Bibič - Gostovanja: Hommage à cliché - cancelled

27 Oct 2020 20:00
27 Oct 2020 20:00
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