29 Sep 19:00


Book presentation of a biography of Slovenian actor Radko Polič by Petra Pogorevc

Petra Pogorevc is writing a biography of Rac, an actor who delved into his characters with an all-or-nothing approach, a high-wire performer without a safety net and a fanatic setting himself and others the highest professional standards. The book about Radko Polič - Rac intertwines memories of his private life and professional career, and shows that the passion and determination of the man match those of the actor.

It focuses on his approach to interpreting roles, presents his view of the beautiful and demanding acting profession and offers direct insight into the numerous unforgettable characters he portrayed in theatre and film. According to Radko Polič - Rac, acting is not pretending, but dancing on the razor’s edge, just like living. Acting is being yourself.
Petra Pogorevc in conversation with Radko Polič.

The event will be held in Slovenian.


29 Sep 19:00
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