Visitor information

Visitor information

The CD Information Centre will be CLOSED between 6 July and 1 September 2019

Golden series 2019/20

Golden series 2019/20

Silver series 2019/20
20 Nov 2019 to 6 May 2020

Silver series 2019/20

26 Sep, 27. Sep.

Choreography: Kjara Starič Wurst

18 Sep

Evening talk with Andrej Detela and Biljana Dušić Organised by: Aditi Biljana Dušić s.p.

18. Oct.

Conductor: Vasily Petrenko

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Blog written by Uršula Cetinski, CD Director General

CD Director General, Uršula Cetinski, expresses her thoughts on CD events and other affairs of current interest, of in-house and broader relevance. The blog is written in Slovenian.

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