Verifying compliance with the RVT rule

Notice to individuals regarding the processing of personal data relating to verification of compliance with the RVT rule (for event attendees or service users)

Cankarjev dom Cultural and Congress Centre pays special attention to the protection of the visitors' and users' privacy and personal data. We would therefore like to briefly explain how we process your personal data. Complete information on the processing of personal data is available on

Your personal data is processed by Cankarjev dom, Cultural and Congress Centre, Prešernova cesta, 1000 Ljubljana, phone (01) 24 17 100, e-mail:, which is your personal data controller. You can contact Cankarjev dom’s Personal Data Protection Officer at or by land mail Cankarjev dom, kulturni in kongresni center, Prešernova cesta 10, 1000 Ljubljana, marked “For Data Protection Officer”.

The purpose of the processing of personal data is ensuring public health, as well as safe and healthy conditions for visitors/attendees and all other persons involved in the staging of events or provision of services. The legal basis for the processing of personal data is the Slovenian Government's Ordinance on interim measures adopted to prevent and contain the spread of COVID-19 infections in conjunction with points (a) and (i) of Paragraph 2, Article 9 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is also consistent with the Information Commissioner’s (IC) guidelines for employers or managers on verifying compliance with the RVT rule. The processing of personal data is a necessary prerequisite for attending events or using Cankarjev dom’s services.
Personal data is processed only if, and to the extent that, at least one legal basis applies. We process your data expressly for the intended purpose. As a rule, we verify compliance with the RVT rule (recovery, vaccination, testing) using the application for scanning the QR code contained in the EU Digital COVID Certificate. The scanning of QR code records compliance with the RVT rule in a way that does not reveal which of the RVT rules is met by the person whose compliance is checked, their personal name or the year of birth. The scanning application does not allow for the retention of personal data and is not connected to any database of personal data. If compliance with the RVT rule cannot be verified in the manner described above, we verify the compliance with the RVT rule by examining proofs of compliance with the RVT rule provided for in the government ordinance.

To meet the RVT rule, a person must present both a valid identity document and one of the requisite proofs of compliance. Compliance with the RVT rule is thus further verified by examining an identity document (e.g., identity card, travel document, driving licence).

Compliance with the RVT rule is verified by Cankarjev dom’s security staff (head of security, security guards and Front-of-House Manager, hostesses and ushers, and outsourced private security staff) and Box Office personnel.


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