29. and 30. Dec at 17:00


Children’s ballet based on the tales by Josip Vandot

For children aged 5+

A hundred years after the publication of Josip Vandot’s Kekec na hudi poti (Kekec on a Hard Path) this unique Slovenian hero continues to enchant new generations of audiences with his courage and clever ploys. In cooperation with an acclaimed Slovenian band, Katalena, and its leader and the show’s music concept designer, Boštjan Narat, choreographer Edward Clug has used the popular Vandot’s tale as a gateway to the magical world of dance theatre.

The seamless blend of Katalena’s music and the story’s dramaturgical structure provided an one-hour escape into a timeless world permeated with the memory of the things that people inhabiting these regions used to create. Perfectly complemented by musical interludes featuring Kekec’s songs, the show is nothing less than a fully enjoyable experience.
Olivera Ilić, Večer


The fairy-tale ballet appeals to both the young and young at heart.


29. and 30. Dec at 17:00
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Duration 50 minutes

Choreography: Edward Clug
Music: Katalena



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