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13 Sep 2020 20:00

Svet’ večer (Heilig Abend): Nataša Barbara Gračner, Vlado Novak

A Small Terrace in the Midst of Ljubljana

Translated and directed by: Samo M. Strelec
Cast: Nataša Barbara Gračner, Vlado Novak
Nataša Barbara Gračner and Vlado Novak in a crime story that, hopefully, is not a mirror of our time.
A story about an individual, individual freedom and the state.
Performed in Slovenian.

Heilig Abend (Christmas Eve) deals with the relationships between an individual and the system, freedom and control, as well as the fear and hope that perhaps things are not what they seem.

Daniel Kehlmann, born in 1975, is a German-language author of both Austrian and German nationality. Kehlmann drew inspiration for Heilig Abend from High Noon, a western by Fred Zinnemann, the Edward Snowden arrest and November 2015 Paris attacks.

A Christmas Eve charged with convivial atmosphere, embraces full of festive cheer. However, reality rears its ugly head in another corner of life. A man and a woman keep glancing at their watches as the tension between them mounts. A nerve-racking story gradually unfolds, thrilling the audiences with its universal resonance and acute sense of urgency.




Heilig Abend is a well-devised piece. Whilst structured as an intrigue, the rising action and denouement reveal such complexity that the questions what, when, how and, primarily, whether at all, are asked slowly, and the answers are neither straight nor clear.


Svet’ večer (Heilig Abend): Nataša Barbara Gračner, Vlado Novak

13 Sep 2020 20:00
13 Sep 2020 20:00
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