22 Apr 19:00

SLG Celje: (Assault) Juriš

Based on the life and work of Karel Destovnik – Kajuh

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Please be advised that the show SLG Celje: The Assault scheduled to take place on Monday, 15 April 2024, has been postponed to Monday, 22 April, at 19.00. 

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In Slovenia of today, the Partisan movement is nothing but a bone of contention, the sweet and sour recent past of the nation. This is why the creators of the production aim to explore a bygone, forever young generation, being a generation that was compelled to take radical decisions. In so doing they transformed consciously from naive youth into a voice of resistance, a propagandist, a rabid dog.
What does an artist’s voice change into in the maelstrom of war? What is the meaning of his (young) life? What can we discern when we hear the bygone dreams of the future that has already been blown up  by the wind?

“We juxtapose events in the performance, following the stories of two boys, Kajuh and the unnamed Young Man, who are trying to find their own way, a way that would not lead to self-betrayal in the maelstrom of war. They are tossed back and forth by tides of war, they fall in love, suffer, leave their families and miss them, wondering if their families would still exist after the war. It is impossible to reconstruct events onstage, even if allowing for the possibility of a reconstruction of such extensive events. At the same time, reconstruction is also unnecessary, generating only fascination, with which nothing is achieved. Only fragments can be staged, glimpses at life’s intersecting tracks. The two stories needed to be cut into fragments (where not already fragmented), the testimonies interlaced, creating a polyphony of voices echoing from the past, and then the fragments edited, divided into chapters while constantly stressing the fact that these are stories. Narration told by people most of whom are no longer with us. That these are real stories that happened not far from here, cruel and sad stories, stories that belong to the past, but nevertheless leave behind scars. The viewers must feel the horror pervading the stories, but with the awareness that this horror must be prevented, or what inevitably follows is – see you in the next war.”

Nik Žnidaršič, Karli, Korlek, Kajuh, excerpt from the playbill


“The text could also start anew here – in view of the legacy of the prematurely deceased poet and the stunning corpus of literary history compiled about the artist (mainly thanks to authors such as Emil Cesar, Vlado Vrbič, Matjaž Kmecl, Miklavž Komelj and Denis Poniž, who have recently been joined by Dušan M. Pirc, Marijan Rupert, etc.), the show marking the (upcoming) centenary of Kajuh's birth complements, in a very special way, the equally enviable tradition of artworks inspired by the proletarian poet from Šoštanj. In a certain sense, this performance, which creatively blends Kajuh's unique synthesis of the tendencies of his time with some of the boldest formal expressions of contemporary drama, constitutes precisely that missing aspect, an art intervention that opens up the space of democratic and aesthetic imagination which I aspired towards when joining the Student Literary Society for the first and last time.”

Assist. Prof. Andraž Jež, PhD, Briefly about Kajuh, excerpt from the playbill 

The Assault, an original creation based on the life and work of Karel Destovnik – Kajuh directed by Živa Bizovičar and produced by Slovensko ljudsko gledališče Celje, was selected for the competition section of the 54th Week of Slovenian Drama and the competition programme of the 59th Maribor Theatre Festival. 

SLG Celje: (Assault) Juriš

22 Apr 19:00
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15,00 EUR

13,00 EUR * * EUR for younger than 25 and older than 65, as well as pensioners.

Authors of the concept: Živa Bizovičar, Nik Žnidaršič
Director: Živa Bizovičar
Dramaturg: Nik Žnidaršič
Set designer: Nika Curk
Costume designer: Nina Čehovin 
Composer: Luka Ipavec
Lighting designer: Bor Ravbar

Language consultant: Živa Čebulj
Accent consultants from the Cerknica area: Ljoba Jenče, Ana Ule
Prompter: Simona Krošl

Cast: Jagoda, Damjan M. Trbovc, Lovro Zafred, Mojka Končar, as guest, Miranda Trnjanin, as guest, Mario Dragojević, as guest

Production: Slovensko ljudsko gledališče Celje



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