17 Sep 2020 20:00

Rok Vilčnik – rokgre: Bigger than All

One-person play
Directed by: Alen Jelen

Dramaturg: Marinka Poštrak
Costume design: Belinda Radulović
Music selection: Darja Hlavka Godina
Language consultant: Barbara Rogelj
Lighting design: Bojan Hudernik
Make-up: Matej Pajntar
Performed by:
Pippi Longstocking: Vesna Slapar

The play is performed in Slovenian with no translation.

The jury of the 48th Week of Slovenian Drama was utterly convinced by the enchanting protagonist of Bigger than All, Pippilotta Rollgardinia Victualia Peppermint Longstocking – or, in short Pippi Longstocking, and nominated the play by award-winning playwright Rok Vilčnik – rokgre for the coveted Grum Award.



Rok Vilčnik – rokgre: Bigger than All

17 Sep 2020 20:00
17 Sep 2020 20:00
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