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3 Sep 2020 20:00

Piaf, Edith Piaf: Vesna Pernarčič

A Small Terrace in the Midst of Ljubljana
Music, theatre, cabaret and everything in between…

Directed by: Tijana Zinajić
Dramaturg: Andrej Jaklič
Costume and set design: Jasna Vastl
Music Director: Žare Prinčič
Lighting design: Igor Remeta
Sound design: Matej Pernarčič

Performed by:
Edith: Vesna Pernarčič
Pianist: Joži Šalej
Production: KD Gledališče EU enigma ustvarjanja

Nobody could fail to notice her.
Nobody could imitate her.
Nobody can forget her.
Her name was Edith Piaf.

It seems the icon of Edith Piaf has lodged itself firmly in people’s consciousness: a gentle, fragile girl who rose from street singer to soul-stirring chanteuse. Nobody could have sung as beautifully and uniquely as Edith without not only having glimpsed but also tasted the dark side of life. The saying “only those who have endured hell can speak of paradise” undeniably applies to Edith.

The production was selected to compete in the 2004 Maribor Theatre Festival (Borštnikovo srečanje), where award-winning Vesna Pernarčič received the Best Actor Prize.

Vesna Pernarčič
Vesna first began performing professionally in her third year at the Ljubljana Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television as Mirandolina in P. Turrini’s Die Wirtin directed by Samo Strelec (ZATO Theatre, Ptuj). After graduation, she joined the acting ensemble of the Slovenian Permanent Theatre in Trieste. After three years, she became member of the Prešeren Theatre Kranj, where her first role was that of Micka in Županova Micka (The Mayor’s Daughter) directed by V. Taufer. She is currently member of the Prešeren Theatre Kranj.

Selected awards: žlahtna komedijantka (awarded to actors in Slovenian comedy, 2019, 2012, 2007, 2005), Best Actor Award at the Maribor Theatre Festival (2018, 2004), Prešeren Fund Award (2014)


Piaf, Edith Piaf: Vesna Pernarčič

3 Sep 2020 20:00
3 Sep 2020 20:00
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