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30 Jan 2021 19:30

Vlado Kreslin - cancelled

See you in December 2021 at Vlado Kreslin's traditional concert.

See you in December 2021 at Vlado Kreslin's traditional concert.

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Vlado Kreslin: Quarantine Songs
Vlado Kreslin, Mali bogovi and Beltinška banda

Vlado Kreslin is one of Slovenia’s foremost and most popular songwriters/music artists. Many of his songs have spread among the people and become part of the national music heritage. Some of his compositions have inspired novels, feature films and graduation theses. In the 1980s, Kreslin was member of Martin Krpan, a rock band that disbanded after being an opening act for the 1991 Bob Dylan concert. In the 1990s, he and his Beltinška banda sparked a major revival of interest in Slovenian folk/traditional music. He boosted young people’s appreciation of ethnic music, whilst demarginalizing and rehabilitating the Prekmurje dialect. With the bands Mali bogovi and Beltinška banda, Kreslin blended the music of the present and the past, fusing both local and global elements. He has released 28 albums and several poetry collections, and is featured in several films and theatre performances as an actor or as a composer. A documentary biopic featuring Vlado’s development as an artist, Poj mi pesem (Sing Me a Song), was directed by Miran Zupanič.

Vlado Kreslin - cancelled

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