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20 May 2022 19:30


Traditional Indian classical music
Organizer: Cultural and artistic association Raga Slovenia in cooperation with IRFAZ

Rohan Dasgupta: Sitar, Pandit Sanju Sahai: Tabla

World-renowned Sitar maestro Rohan Dasgupta and Tabla maestro Pandit Sanju Sahai will create a magical meditative atmosphere of the authentic spirit of India at the Cankarjev dom hall.

The performance of Indian artists is a contribution to the call for Peace through Culture - Pax Cultura, a call for constant, consistent and courageous protection of Culture, to save the living tissue of Culture. It contains beneficial energy of the human spirit, connecting us with the world of Beauty and the Supreme Truth. "In art,” wrote Rabindranath Tagore, “our inner essence sends its response to the Supreme Creator who reveals himself to us through the world of endless beauty, which is above the colorless world of facts."

It is about continuation of the thoughts and actions of great creators, messengers of the coming spiritual Culture – Culture of Peace, such as were Roerich and Tagore, Kosovel in our country. Culture uplifts the spirit through creativity, that universal language understood by the heart - the language of Peace.


Culture and Peace—the most sacred goal of humanity! Nicholas Roerich

Rohan Dasgupta was born into a musical family, and started to learn the deep art of Indian classical music from a tender age, he lived with his illustrious Guru for years and have perfected the art of Sitar playing with sincere devotion and constant learning, the deep philosophy of Indian music and its purpose reflects wisdom of the ancient times that he absorbed during his learning process from several masters of the art form.

Today, Rohan Dasgupta is an experienced performer, composer and teacher. Apart from his classical Sitar solo recitals in several music festivals in India and around the world, he co-creates with international projects and combines Western classical/jazz and traditional Indian music. He conducted masterclasses at the Conservatories of Milan and Rome and other music schools across Europe. He is the recipient of numerous music awards and has performed in more than 16 countries around the world.

Rohan Dasgupta has a special bond with Slovenia. He is the co-founder and artistic director of the cultural and artistic association Raga Slovenia along with his Slovenian wife, which brings Indian classical music to Slovenia and brings Indian culture and tradition closer to us through live concerts and educational programs.

Indian classical music is primarily a symbol of spirituality and is introspective in nature, something which relates to the concept of peace very intimately. Rohan Dasgupta

Pandit Sanju Sahai is one of the leading Tabla players of his time. His family has been playing the Tabla for six generations. As a child prodigy, he had his first solo performance at just nine years old, graduating with a degree in music at thirteen and a master’s degree at eighteen. He is known for enchanting audiences with his power and virtuosity. His exceptional popularity in the field of traditional Indian classical music has opened new opportunities for him to collaborate with musicians of various genres from around the world: jazz, flamenco, opera, western classical music, hip hop, folk ...

Don’t miss this unique musical and spiritual experience!


20 May 2022 19:30
20 May 2022 19:30
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