Past event
17 May 2024 19:30

A concert of traditional Indian classical music

Organised by: International Centre for Culture and Science Pax Cultura and the Cultural and artistic association Raga Slovenia

Vocal-instrumental concert
Vocals: Koyel Dasgupta Naha  
Bansuri: Abir Naha 
Tabla: Ashis Paul

Koyel Dasgupta Naha and Abir Naha are renowned Indian musicians who preserve the cultural fabric of India with their profound professional knowledge of the Indian classical music tradition and masterful performances. The Naha couple are visiting Slovenia for the first time, and from the rich tapestry of Indian classical music they will perform the timeless melodies of ancient Indian classical singing styles accompanied by the sounds of the bansuri, one of the oldest musical instruments in the world. They will be accompanied on the tabla by Ashis Paul.

We are going to have an evening of traditional Indian classical music, the core of which is the culture of the spirit. The culture of the spirit is common to all nations and all historical times. It develops in everyday life, through experiences in the heart. Culture and the heart are inseparable, for culture is silenced where the heart is inarticulate. The human heart desires true peace. It strives to work - creatively and actively.

This concert is the contribution of Indian musicians to the call for Peace through Culture and the awareness that culture and peace make a person truly invincible. It becomes tolerant and all-embracing when it realizes all spiritual conditions.


At our core culture is a timeless soul passed through generations, unifying humanity. It's the thread in life's tapestry - a sacred legacy binding every soul - forming the foundation of true peace, transcending boundaries, and shaping our shared collective existence.«

Koyel Dasgupta Naha

Kjer je Kultura, je Mir. 
Kjer je Mir, je Kultura. 
N. K. Rerih

A concert of traditional Indian classical music

17 May 2024 19:30
17 May 2024 19:30
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Koyel Dasgupta Naha is a renowned Indian musician, composer and teacher of classical music forms (styles) of singing that are deeply rooted in the folk and poetry-based Ragas that represent the ancient era of the Indian classical music traditions. As a child, with her extraordinary talent for music and rhythm, she was quickly exposed to the rich classical music tradition of India. She was educated with the utmost attention and devotion following a strict systematic study called Talim, which requires from the student dedication, discipline, love and devotion to daily practice (Riaz). Through traditional compositions (Bandishes), vocal techniques and finer technical aspects, she gradually became familiar with the abstract beauty of Raga. Today, Koyel boasts one of the finest voices of the current generation of classical Indian vocalists. She is known and popular all over India, where she has been performing for over 25 years. She has participated in all major music festivals in India organised by the Ministry of Culture of India, National Radio and Television, National Center for Performing Arts and is a member of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR). For her performances, she received many awards and accolades from all over the world. Her musical greatness is also confirmed by the award of the President of the country for her contribution to the traditional Indian classical music.


Abir Naha is a renowned Indian classical flutist, an open-minded musical virtuoso, who performs at many music conferences. He comes from the musical tradition of the bansuri flute, a cultural symbol deeply rooted in Indian spirituality, whose melodic expressions in Indian classical music are regarded as a form of spiritual exploration. Abir is appreciated by music enthusiasts and critics alike. He is characterised by a rich and varied repertoire, ranging from pure classical to experimental fusion. His performance of ragas is characterised by imaginative, evocative and breathtaking interpretations and improvisations that exude serenity, contemplation and introspection. Abir impresses with refined tonal grace, rhythmic elegance and deep yet clear expression. He imperceptibly combines his devotion to music and musical skill with the aesthetic demands of his tradition. Through rigorous practice, dedicated engagement and sophisticated presentations, he has embraced the pure, beautiful and dignified elements of Indian classical music and has mastered its complex grammar, discipline and subtlety that derive from this rich heritage. He proves time and time again that he strives for excellence and refinement of this high art, also through teaching.

»The essence of a raga is deeply rooted in spirituality and nature. It means - »That which colors your mind«. Indian music is not for mere entertainment - practicing music is a path to salvation in this ancient tradition. Years of training and teacher's blessings set the Artist's soul free from the bondage of conscious control as she earns to submit herself unconditionally to the music in complete and absolute terms. And then music flows effortlessly as if in its own will from some supreme power. The Artist transcends to mere medium - as the one chosen by the music, and enjoys ecstatic happiness. She becomes the first audience of her own music.« Abir Naha


Ashis Paul started learning to play the tabla at the age of five, and for the past 30 years he has been creating under the guidance of Anindo Chatterjee, who is also called the tabla wizard. Ashis performs as a soloist or as an accompanist at home and around the world: in Europe, USA, Australia, Japan and South Africa.



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