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14 Feb - 23 March 2023

Architecture Inventory 2020–22

Biennale Overview Exhibition of the Architects' Society of Ljubljana

How to build sustainability in space?
Whereas the characteristics and specifics of local space and environment used to indirectly dictate the method of construction, the selection of materials and their processing, the importance of localness is today “out of the equation” due to the development of modern technologies. The development of modern urban planning and building construction thus largely neglects localness while putting a great burden on the environment. In an era when awareness of our shared responsibility for the environment is internalized, new solutions are sought in architecture and spatial planning. They are reflected in new design practices, architectural designs, selection of materials and the trend towards modern approaches to renovating and constructing flexible and durable buildings.

Architecture Inventory is a traditional biennial exhibition organized by the members of the Association of Architects of Ljubljana. This year’s eleventh edition, taking place in Cankarjev dom’s Grand Reception Hall between 13 February and 23 March 2023, offers an overview of the output of the members of the Association of Architects of Ljubljana over the past two years. Over 150 architects will present 143 architectural and 13 student projects, from urban planning, architectural design and renovations of public buildings, multi-unit residential developments, single-family dwellings and interiors, as well as graphic and industrial design projects and written works on architecture. 

Architecture Inventory is the most comprehensive overview of architectural output in the country: the Association of Architects of Ljubljana, which holds the presidency of the Union of Architects’ Associations of Slovenia, has again invited participation of various Slovenian societies and visiting projects of the members of the Association of Architects of Croatia, and selected 13 architecture student projects (the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana).

At the previous stocktaking, we reflected on durable architecture. Since the last exhibition, in 2021, the world has changed, and so has architecture and the issues it tackles. Architecture must become actively involved in co-shaping the world and society for a viable future. The Architecture Inventory 2023 series of lectures and a round table explore “Architecture FOR”: an architecture that is socially conscious, proactive, sustainable. Architecture that is proactive in all stages of its development and life. Its engagement is reflected in its programme, the modi operandi of architects, the materials and forms, in its reflection on long-term function, the origin of materials, in achieving a harmony with nature, in urbanism, flexibility, durability, as well as the removal and recycling possibilities. 

The exhibition includes 6 architectural lectures and 6 student presentations held under the common title Architecture FOR.

Architecture FOR the Quality of Life in Old Age
Tuesday, 21 February 2023, at 17.00
Mojca Gužič Trplan
Gregor Trplan
Meta Kutin
Students: Maja Cvelbar, Tjaša Čakš

Architecture FOR A Happy Childhood
Tuesday, 7 March 2023, at 17.00
Matjaž Bolčina
Ernest Milčinovič 
Denis Rovan
Aleš Žmavc
Students: Rožle Toš, Eva Hočevar, Nika Jeromel, Monika Golob, Danijel Ilijeski, Žan Pirman

Architecture FOR the Renovation of the Housing Stock
Tuesday, 14 March 2023, at 17.00
Žiga Ravnikar, Eva Senekovič, Klara Bohinc, Andraž Keršič
Jernej Girandon
Students: seminars Glažar / Perović / Žnidaršič

Round table: Gentrification
Tuesday, 21 March 2023, at 17.00


Architecture Inventory 2020–22

14 Feb - 23 March 2023
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