29. nov. ob 15:00 in 17:00

Peter Svetina: The Ripening of Porcupines - cancelled or postponed

Puppet performance

In compliance with the restrictive measures taken by the Government of RS to limit the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, Cankarjev dom has cancelled or rescheduled all events. All exhibitions are temporarily closed.

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For children aged between 5 and 10

The performance is based on an eponymous picture book, a collection of humorous stories that earned its author Peter Svetina the national Večernica Award for best original children’s or young readers’ fiction.

Helge the porcupine is not really sure when a porcupine is ripe enough… However, a fall out of a cherry tree gets him entangled in a series of unusual and puzzling events. Accompanied by a she porcupine, Nikozija, Helge navigates the world of cunning and adorable creatures doing all those things that people normally do: painting, falling in love, singing, lounging about, driving, shopping and sweeping the floor.


Peter Svetina: The Ripening of Porcupines - cancelled or postponed

29. nov. ob 15:00 in 17:00
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EUR 7'50

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Art design: Damijan Stepančič
Directed by: Bojan Labovič
Music: Vasko Atanasovski


Performed by: Uroš Kaurin, Dunja Zupanec, Danilo Trstenjak
Puppets and props made by: Darka Erdelji, Mojca Bernjak and Primož Mihevc
Costume design: Mojca Bernjak

Production: Puppet Theatre Maribor
Duration: 40 min



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