24 Jun 20:00

Myth, Rain Dogs, Aperture

Slovene National Theatre Opera Ballet Maribor
Ballet triptych

Gaj Žmavc: Myth
Johan Inger: Rain Dogs
Edward Clug: Aperture

Music: Gaj Žmavc, Milko Lazar, Tom Waits

The ballet triptych, consisting of three contemporary ballet pieces that explore various aspects of the human condition, brings a genuine spring awakening. The triptych opens with Myth, a brand-new creation by a young Slovenian choreographer, Gaj Žmavc, and continues with creations by internationally renowned and multi-award-winning choreographers – Edward Clug’s Aperture and Johan Inger’s Rain Dogs. According to Clug, Aperture explores the concept of interior spaces and an individual trapped in one’s own intimate space, as well as the innate human need for closeness and being desired. 

Rain Dogs, by acclaimed Swedish choreographer Johan Inger, is an animalistic perspective of social existence at the bottom of society. The piece is inspired by Tom Waits’ music, and it follows the journey of a dog that, in the rain, explores its territory with great curiosity and self-confidence. Inger’s metaphor of the dog is the starting point for a study into interpersonal relationships, identity, and gender, i.e., the systems and constructs that individuals must often face, as well as resist.

The triple-bill promises an emotionally powerful spring awakening with three contemporary ballet pieces that explore various aspects of the human condition.

Myth, Rain Dogs, Aperture

24 Jun 20:00
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