1 Mar 19:30

Israel Galván: El Amor Brujo (Love, the Magician)

Gypsy piece in one act and two scenes

Gitanería en un acto y dos cuadros

El amor brujo is a ballet composed in 1914–15 by Manuel de Falla to a libretto by Gregorio Martínez Sierra. In 1916, Falla arranged a rendition of the work for sextet and small orchestra and the following year he made a concert version, also for small orchestra.


A few years ago, during an interview, a dance critic asked me: “When will you do El Amor Brujo”, and it was perhaps there and then, without realising it, when I began to think about it, like a first move of the critic’s pawn. I like to change and go through different stages. For me, it’s necessary. The idea is to dance to Falla, that the score develops a new movement in me. Music and dance, without the pressure to tell the story, that’s my idea. I’m comfortable with the different jumps in my work, with making radical turns, to keep looking and being dissatisfied. With Gitaneria en dos cuadros, I feel I’m taking a risk that I like and that moves me, to keep examining inside that music, without adding anything extraneous to the original.

El Amor Brujo is a dog, it bites me. I had it close, and I didn’t realize it. Maybe because I don’t identify with the flamenco ballet or dance versions of it. To dance it with Falla’s piano score, feeling the vibration of the hammer on the string, stomping the terror in the middle of the sorcery. Going back to an idea of a first rehearsal. I want to dance the process of musical transition that took place from the Pastora Imperio version until the Antonia Mercé La Argentina version. The journey from failure to success. Focusing on that period and trying to do a rawer El Amor Brujo, without orchestration and without a dance troupe, calling for those spirits to enter me, alone, with just a piano and a throat for the set. My search in dance is transformation, and in this case, the old masters give me the key to change body and soul, a new bailaor, in front of the audience and the mirror. Israel Galván

Israel Galván: El Amor Brujo (Love, the Magician)

1 Mar 19:30
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Artistic direction, choreography Israel Galván
Dance Israel Galván | Eduarda de los Reyes
Voice David Lagos
Piano Alejandro Rojas-Marcos
Guitar Alfredo Lagos
Original music Manuel de Falla, Alejandro Rojas-Marcos, David Lagos
Music Advisor Pedro G. Romero
Assistant to direction Balbi Parra
Assistant Choreographer Marco de Ana
Technical direction Pablo Pujol
Lighting design Rubén Camacho
Sound design Pedro León
Management Rosario Gallardo


Production IG Company



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