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30 Dec 2023 20:00

Dario Fo: Can't Pay! Won't Pay! (Sotto Paga! Non Si Paga!)

The play, a funny yet trenchant sociocritical farce, focuses on a single day in a chain supermarket when women, voicing their outrage at a yet another rise in prices, revolt and decide to pay only what they want for their bags full of groceries. This ends up being nothing, and the housewives embark on a looting spree, stuffing goods down their coats. 

Today, the comedy Can't Pay! Won't Pay! – both Fo's original tale of fed-up workers nicking groceries and its 21st-century reworking – still feel immediately relevant. The tensions explored in Fo’s comedy – rampant inflation, precarious jobs, unemployment, rising prices, poverty, the gap between rich and poor – feel very timely. The comedy’s most exciting aspect is Fo’s brilliant "black and white" statement: that it is always and incontrovertibly a handful of rich who do the stealing, and that the exploited eventually realize they simply don't have to put up with the rip-off anymore. With this uncompromising and straightforward logic, deliberately overlooking the complexity of the issue, the author potently undermines our prevailing social consensus on class inequality and its continued perpetuation. 

Ajda Valcl's take on Italian playwright Dario Fo’s Can't Pay? Won't Pay! was declared the best production by the jury at the 31st Days of Comedy, Vesna Pernarčič won the Best Comedy Actress Award and Ajda Valcl the Best Director Award. 

Predstava je na 31. Dnevih komedije dobila nagrado za žlahtno komedijo po izboru strokovne žirije, Vesna Pernarčič je bila po izboru strokovne žirije izbrana za žlahtno komedijantko, Ajda Valcl pa žlahtno režiserko.

Trajanje: 100 minut, brez odmora

Dario Fo: Can't Pay! Won't Pay! (Sotto Paga! Non Si Paga!)

30 Dec 2023 20:00
30 Dec 2023 20:00
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24,00 EUR

20,00 EUR * * EUR for younger than 25 and older than 65, as well as pensioners.

Director: Ajda Valcl
Dramaturgy: Marko Bratuš
Set design: Urša Vidic
Costume design: Urška Recer 
Translator: Gašper Malej
Adaptation: Marko Bratuš and Ajda Valcl

Cast: Vesna Pernarčič, Aljoša Ternovšek, Vesna Slapar, Miha Rodman, Blaž Setnikar; Extras: Dominik Vodopivec in Jure Pogačar



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