11 Apr 2019 20:00

Teresa Salgueiro

The finest voice of Portugal and beyond

Please be advised that the Teresa Salgueiro concert has been relocated from Linhart Hall to Gallus Hall due to great demand.
No ticket exchange is necessary, the purchased tickets admit access to Gallus Hall stalls, seat selection is free.

The legendary lead singer of Madredeus embarked on a successful solo career several years ago. Considered by many to be the finest voice of Portugal and beyond, Salgueiro has released her second solo album and taken European audiences by storm. Her voice has matured and turned exceptionally pure. Fado elements interlace seamlessly with folk motifs to make a delightful musical blend.


On her latest release, O Horizonte, Teresa Salgueiro displays the prowess of a great artist, presenting original music she has honed to perfection. Zdenko Matoz, Delo

Teresa Salgueiro

11 Apr 2019 20:00
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