27 Oct 19:00

Pantha du Prince: Conference of Trees live

Pantha du Prince concert to be held on 27 October at 19.00

The Pantha du Prince concert, a show by Berlin-based techno artist and composer, will be held in Linhart Hall on 27 October at 19.00.
Holders of tickets for the concert previously announced to be held on the same day at 21.00 are requested to change their tickets.
Please send your e-ticket, a ticket photo or scan to  vstopnice@cd-cc.si to receive a new ticket for the concert starting at 19.00 in the same price category.

Techno musician Pantha Du Prince (aka Hendrik Weber) lends a musical voice to tree life with this audiovisual piece, combining modified acoustic bodies of sound, instruments and electronics.

With the help of sound experiments, Berlin-based techno composer Pantha Du Prince (Hendrik Weber) explores the communication of trees and translates it into otherworldly electronic music. In 2018, he was packing out major music venues around Europe.

The instruments for this project have been partly handmade by the artist himself, who wanted to explore the sound characteristics of different woods through intensive studies of the material. He is supported by a percussion ensemble consisting of Håkon Stene and Bendik Hovik Kjeldsberg, who already participated in his last project The Bell Laboratory, and Manuel Chittka, drummer with the German band Messer. The pulsating electronica on his new album The Triad whirls into a complex whole that reveals new depths every time you replay it.


My first idea about trees was that they map out space with their communication. Trees remain in one spot, but they interact over vast distances through mycorrhizal networks. They don’t have human knowledge of technology but they still manage to create their own cooperative space and form vast conscious networks within this space. Henrik Weber

Za uvod v koncert bo poskrbel Bendik HK, norveški bobnar in skladatelj, ki glasbo piše za plesne predstave in gledališče ter mednarodno gostuje kot tolkalec. S Hendrikom Webrom (Pantha Du Prince) je začel sodelovati v okviru tolkalskega projekta Bell Laboratory, zatem pa sta skupaj posnela album The Triad in se podpisala pod številne studijske skladbe. 


The Pantha du Prince concert, orginally scheduled for 10 March and rescheduled for 13 December, 2020, has been postponed to 27 October 2021.
Information on potential ticket change will be provided in due course.

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Pantha du Prince: Conference of Trees live

27 Oct 19:00
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17,00 | 23,00 | 28,00 EUR

15,00 EUR * * EUR for younger than 25 and older than 65, as well as pensioners, discounted prices for the lowest seat category

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Weber’s stage collaborators are Bell Laboratory members Bendik Hovik Kjeldsberg and Håkon Stene. 



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