Grigory Sokolov, piano
6 May 19:30

Grigory Sokolov, piano

Grandmaster of Piano

W. A. Mozart, Prelude (Fantasie) and Fugue in C major KV 394 (383a)
Sonate n. 11 in A major K 331/300i
Rondo in A minor, K 511

R. Schumann, Bunte Blätter, op. 99

Technically, Grigory Sokolov is impeccable, he is a master of agogics and phrasing, dynamics and colours. But all of this is hardly noticeable, so simple and unpretentious is his playing. No antics, no ostentation, no wilful fashion-dependent interpretations.
Allain Steffen

Grigory Sokolov’s beautifully expressive tone and emotional force never fail to astonish the legendary pianist’s loyal audiences across the globe. The critics are at a loss for words with which to describe the musical genius of this mysterious artist. With a seemingly effortless ease, Sokolov plays an extensive and stylistically variegated repertoire, investing it with deeply felt sensitivity and unparalleled insight, rendering ever new interpretations of a piece.

The approach to music-making of this relentlessly dedicated artist is radical: focusing exclusively on solo recitals, Sokolov selects a seasonal programme, which he then performs wherever he appears. He never falls into a routine – each concert is a unique experience co-shaped by the inspiration of the pianist, the atmosphere of the venue and the energy of the listeners. While unable to predict his preferences for next spring, we can reveal that Sokolov dedicated summer 2019 to Brahms’ Piano Pieces Op. 118 and 119, as well as Beethoven’s early Piano Sonata Op. 2/3 and Eleven Bagatelles.


Grigory Sokolov, piano

6 May 19:30
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