3 Mar 2020 20:00

Dejan Terzić Axiom + Samo Šalamon Trio feat. Igor Matković & Kristijan Krajnčan

Double concert

Dejan Terzić Axiom
Chris Speed (USA), saxophone, Bojan Z (France), piano; Matt Penman (USA), bass; Dejan Terzic (Germany), drums

Samo Šalamon Trio feat. Igor Matković & Kristijan Krajnčan  
Igor Matković, trumpet; Samo Šalamon, guitar; Kristijan Krajnčan, drums, cello

The first part of the evening will take us on a journey through the limitless expressive possibilities of drums. Our tour guide will be Dejan Terzić, a German-based drummer of Bosnian descent. His quartet unveils an amazingly rich expressive realm, made of assorted moods, energies, impetuses and depths of sound underscored by a hypnotic ostinato. Their music moves from cheerful to passionate, from passionate to free, from free to structured, from structured to sweet…  

The second concert will feature ten new compositions written especially for Slovenian guitarist and composer Samo Šalamon’s latest trio. Revealing an ECM-esque melodiousness and openness, the songs will be included in the Rare Ebb and Common Flow albums to be released in January 2020.

Dejan Terzić Axiom + Samo Šalamon Trio feat. Igor Matković & Kristijan Krajnčan

3 Mar 2020 20:00
3 Mar 2020 20:00
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