Božidar Slapšak
5 Dec 2019 19:00

The Theatre of Ancient Greece: Theatre in Thespiae

Dr. Božidar Slapšak

Pausanias' Guide to Greece, written in the second century AD by a Greek traveller for a predominantly Roman audience, states that Thespiae, an ancient Greek city in Boeotia, contained a theatre, which researchers have heretofore been unable to localise. Undertaking a joint non-invasive research project with the Leiden University between 2006 and 2011, Slovene archaeologist Dr. Slapšak and his Ljubljana team succeeded not only in determining a much greater scope of the urban area, discovering a part of the city walls and uncovering the theretofore unknown acropolis, but also identifying on its slopes the location of the ancient theatre and thus adding an important piece to the ancient polis’ puzzle.

The lecture will be presented in Slovenian, no simultaneous translation is provided.

The Theatre of Ancient Greece: Theatre in Thespiae

5 Dec 2019 19:00
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