8 May - 27 June 2024

Independent Biennial: Vmes / In Between

8 May – 27 June 2024
Opening 8 May 2024, at 20.00
9 May 2024
Lecture 9.30 – 10.30
Workshop 11:00 – 16:00
Alma Karlin Hall, Cankarjev dom
After the 9th edition held in 2023, the Independent Biennial is presenting a special selection of authors from Slovenia and abroad who have marked the visual landscape through their deep commitment to visual work. The showcase at Cankarjev dom’s Small Gallery will present the Independent Biennial and guest artists: their works and views on creative expression and their lives in various ways, including video presentations, original works, lectures and workshops. The exhibition will be on view between early May and late June 2024.
The showcase at the Small Gallery is dedicated to the space between design and artistic research ADRI, with the working title In Between. The presented artists question the visual space through curious playfulness, such as the construction of new worlds, light as an object, showing the unrepresented, mapping, multimedia and multidimensionality, and last but not least, the poetics of expression as well as the light and dark side of reality.

The diversity of the exhibition has been enriched by their research: Simon Jugovic Fink, Kiki Klimt, Petra Korent, LeaLudvik, Živa Moškrič and guests from abroad, Prof. Hilde Kramer (Bergen), Helen Mitchell (London), Tee Ken Ng (Perth).
The artists are also joined by the exhibited works of the ADRI experimental workshop with LAB Institute of Design and Fine Arts Lahti students, which was led by Saša Kerkoš and Marion Robinson and is a fresh edition of the 2023 ADRI project. The participating graphic design students include: Netta Aaltonen, Markus Aro, Pinja Hautanen, Ria Heinola, Tiia Heliävirta, Helmi Jäntti, Vieno Karjalainen, Nuutti Karjalainen, Sonja Karppelin, Ida Kinnunen, Santeri Lehto, Veera Miettunen, Anni Porkka, Melisa Rantala, Sami Rilla, Ella Ruuska, Pipsa Soimasuo, Evita Valtonen, Reetta Varjo and Mika Virtanen.
To build on the biennial year, the exhibition also presents selected works by NatanEsku, the recipient of the 1st Tomaž Kržišnik Recognition for lifelong commitment to sincere and unique artistic expression, awarded at the opening of the IXth Biennial of Slovenian Independent Illustration – Independent Biennial, October 23, 2023 in Kino Šiška.
His presentation to the public will also be accompanied by the heartfelt work of Prof. Tomaž Kržišnik – Kržo. Natan's works will also be presented in the Kržišnik Garden and Gallery (Žiri) in autumn 2024.
A short hands on experience will follow the Small Gallery opening ceremony on 8 May at 20:00.
The following day we will host a morning lecture (9:30-10:30) and a practical workshop (11:00-16:00) by Prof. Hilde Kramer and Helen Mitchell in Alma Karlin Hall situated within the same venue as the Small Gallery. Exploring and building Lost Specimen with Helen and finding the right shades of grey through the eyes of war and peace with Hilde will be a great gateway to creative explorations.
Registration for the lecture and workshop is free. Registration for the workshop is mandatory and the number of places is limited, please apply between 10 April – 1 May 2024 to info@bienaleneodvisnih.com.

Independent Biennial: Vmes / In Between

8 May - 27 June 2024
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Organization and project management: Independent Biennale and Tretaroka

Project partners: Cankarjev dom Small Gallery, www.Kržišnik.eu, LAB Institute of Design and Fine Arts

Friends of the project: Kino Šiška



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