11. jun. - 1. jul. 2024

Embryonic STROKE

Drawing As The Starting Point For The Development Process
A selection of works by the Designers Society of Slovenia

Curator & selector: Prof. Vid Lenard 
Project Manager: Jurij Dobrila 

The Embryonic STROKE of a Designer 
A Greek myth says that the history of painting and all artistic media begins with the drawing. Thus, as the outline of a shadow cast by bodies, drawing constitutes the starting point of the development of art and design. 
The Embryonic STROKE exhibition foregrounds the popularity and relevance of drawing among Slovenian members of the Designers' Society of Slovenia (DOS). As has been established, a hand drawing remains the crucial, extremely useful medium in both design and art (e.g., Risomanija exhibition, Nova Gorica, 2024), although today perhaps occupying a different role. This is because it enables an immediate recording of thoughts, impressions and feelings, which makes it relevant and popular. Drawing is quick and direct, it represents the fastest transference from thought to hand, allowing for a wide range of subjects and a whole array of expressive possibilities. A drawing can be a transfer of thoughts onto paper, perhaps a sketch in the sand, or even a plastic interpretation of ideas in random spatial material. A drawing can be a brief verbal note or a coherent interpretation of an idea. 

In the field of design, drawings are a medium for thinking and working, for concretising or elucidating ideas; they are a means of presenting a project to a client or the authorities; and a way to reflect on analysing and presenting the basic concept of a project. A model – drawing therefore both concretises and externalises the inner world of a designer and their ideas. It helps the designer to reflect on the project and ways towards perfecting it. 

Embryonic STROKE

11. jun. - 1. jul. 2024
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