12 May 19:00


Romania, France, Belgium, Sweden, 2022; 125'
Directed by and screenplay: Cristian Mungiu

Cast: Marin Grigore, Judith State, Macrina Barladeanu, Orsolya Moldován, Rácz Endre (Tibi), József Bíró, Ovidiu Crisan
Producent: Mobra Film, Why Not Productions, Filmgate Films, France 3 Cinéma, Les Films du Fleuve, Wild Bunch, Film i väst​​​​​​​

Rather than a mystical land of fantastic tales, Cristian Mungiu's Transylvania is a cauldron of xenophobic anxieties echoing modern Europe’s ongoing problems.

A few days before Christmas, having quit his job in Germany, Matthias returns to his multi-ethnic Transylvanian village. He wishes to involve himself more in the education of his son, Rudi, left for too long in the care of his mother, Ana, and to rid the boy of the unresolved fears that have taken hold of him. He’s preoccupied with his father, Otto, and also eager to see his ex-lover, Csilla. When a few new workers are hired at the small factory that Csilla manages, the peace of the community is disturbed. Underlying frustrations, conflicts and passions erupt through the thin veneer of apparent understanding.



The film is not about a situation in Transylvania and not even about Romanians, Hungarians and Germans sharing the same territory. It is set there but it’s also about Russians and Ukrainians, whites and blacks, Sunni and Shia, rich and poor, even tall and short. Whenever there’s a second person in the room, they will be perceived as being from another tribe and therefore a potential enemy.
Cristian Mungiu

About director
Born in 1968 in Romania. After studying English literature he worked as a teacher and journalist for a few years. He then obtained a BA in film directing in Bucharest. Mungiu first made several short films, and in 2002 debuted with his feature film, Occident, which won several international awards. In 2007, 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days won the Palme d’Or, marking the first time this coveted prize was awarded to a Romanian filmmaker.


12 May 19:00
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