28 Dec 19:30

Sergei Prokofiev: Cinderella

Choreography: Jean-Christophe Maillot


Internationally renowned French choreographer Jean-Christophe Maillot strips Cinderella of its sugar-coated layer and delivers a poignant meditation on the way in which people who disappear shape the future of those left behind.

Maillot masters the art of lending nuance to characters the entertainment industry generally paints with broad strokes, thus rising above the artifice and clichés of conventional productions. In his work, the “goodies” irritate, while the “baddies” inspire our sympathy. What is more, the theme of a prince who marries a peasant girl is not given a lead role here. Instead, the focus is placed on an ‘emotional roller-coaster’ that lends impetus to the timeless fairy tale. Cinderella needs no accessories to render her beautiful, and even the famous glass slipper is replaced here with a bare foot glistening with delicate, ephemeral gold dust. Cinderella’s foot symbolizes not only the simplicity and starkness of this young girl, but also a part of the body without which dance would not exist, leaving a sparkling trail of imagination that leads us towards a much desired fairy-tale ending. 




Maillot’s choreography leaves a sparkling trail of imagination that leads us towards a much desired fairy-tale ending.

Sergei Prokofiev: Cinderella

28 Dec 19:30
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Ballet of the Slovene National Theatre Maribor
Choreography Jean-Christophe Maillot
Conductor Simon Robinson
Set design Ernest Pignon-Ernest
Costume design Jérôme Kaplan
Lighting design Dominique Drillot
Assistant choreographers: Bernice Coppieters, Giovanna Lorenzoni, Asier Uriagereka, Bruno Roque, Alenka Ribič, Sergiu Moga, Matjaž Marin



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