1 Jun 20:00

Richard Strauss: Elektra, opera in one act, Op. 58*

Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir
Soloists and Choir of the Croatian National Theatre Ivan Zajc Rijeka

Conductor: Aleksandar Marković
Soloists: Maida Hundeling (Elektra), Helena Juntunen (Chryzothemis), Dubravka Šeparović (Klytaemnestra) and others
Libretto: Hugo von Hofmannsthal
Director and dramaturge: Marin Blažević

Richard Strauss’ highly expressionist Elektra reinforced the foundations of modernist opera. The extremely demanding score, impressive also by modern standards, supports the development of the storyline with emotional complexity and immediacy, expanding the boundaries of texture and musical expressiveness.

Every measure of the music contains a torrential savagery of sensations that plunges the listener into a world of naked and uncontrollable emotions.

Classical mythology has experienced different revivals throughout history – Strauss’ and Hofmannsthal’ Elektra reflected the spirit of the time, an era when the interest in psychoanalysis reached its acme. Theirs is a timeless story about pathological hate and violence, whose turn-of-the-century premiere was greeted with mixed and hesitant reception.

Elektra has surprised everyone by being extremely popular with young audiences. I think I know why!
Placido Domingo

The staging of Elektra is a great challenge for every opera house. The chilling, yet entrancing drama demands a massive orchestral force – our production will be accompanied by more than 100 players of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra. To be sung by charismatic Maida Hundeling, Electra is one of the most difficult roles ever composed for a dramatic soprano.

Vulnerability and hurt, suppressed love and yearning for love, deeply felt tenderness and longing for redemption are embodied in the voice and words of this complex character – and in Maida Hundeling’s singing that has invested Elektra with all that and much much more.
Online Music Magazine, 2018

Richard Strauss: Elektra, opera in one act, Op. 58*

1 Jun 20:00

Ljubljana premiere

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EUR 20, 34, 43, 50

Co-production: Croatian National Theatre Ivan Zajc Rijeka and Cankarjev dom; in partnership with the Slovenian Philharmonic

*Running time is 40 minutes, with no intermission.  



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