12. Jan 2021 at 20.00 and 20.30

Mirna Bogdanović & Povel Widestrand and Johnanna Summer

Mirna Bogdanovic

With no instrument can humans come closer to the vibrations of nature, than with the voice – it is given to us just as unconditionally as sight and blood circulation. To a certain extent, the human voice is our acoustic DNA: distinctive and unique. When a singer finds her way back to nature with her voice, the circle that symbolizes the origin of all music-making closes.

Mirna Bogdanović is a young singer from Slovenia. Although she is still at the very beginning of her promising career, she has long been a fixture in the alternative jazz movement in Berlin. With the impartiality of the debutante, she can and wants to occupy new territory without having to commit to direction and goal in advance. The implicitness with which she does this is already revealed by a self-confident artist who is not content with setting accents but has what it takes to become a voice that cannot be ignored.

Mirna Bogdanović intuitively knows how to get involved with the essence – landscapes, weather phenomena, seasons. It is not only her lyrics that fill these natural forms with life in her songs, but it is the singer’s unconditional will to immerse herself in her surroundings and to imagine them vocally.

In an intimate duo setting and organic interplay Mirna Bogdanovic plays with pianist Povel Widestrand whom she knows from various projects since their study years at the Jazz Institute in Berlin and who is also part of her band. He’s also They also among the young all-rounders on Berlin’s international jazz scene.


Johanna Summer

Whether with classical pieces, original compositions or jazz standards Johanna Summer always manages to develop a wide, dynamic narrative, sometimes delicate and fragile, sometimes, tension-filled and rhythmically gripping or irresistibly melodious. At the same time, the listener never gets the impression that she is interested in showcasing as many ideas as possible, or presenting herself as a virtuoso. Everything happens in the spirit of musical storytelling, with an extremely mature, far-sighted view of dramaturgy, dynamics, tension and atmosphere.

Süddeutsche Zeitung simply calls the result "a little sensation", Downbeat magazine „a unique debut, praiseworthy in its pursuit of merging genres“ and Jazz thing magazine describes Summer as "a pianist of a very special character, virtuoso, subtle and filigreed". Jazz, classical music and free playing - Johanna Summer creates her very own music out of the moment, and it is a true experience to listen to it.




Mirna Bogdanović & Povel Widestrand and Johnanna Summer

12. Jan 2021 at 20.00 and 20.30
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