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20 Nov 2019 19:30

Alexander Gadjiev, piano

Victorious Elation

Johannes Brahms, Six Pieces for Piano, Op. 118
Franz Liszt, Transcendental Étude No 11, “Harmonies du Soir”
Franz Liszt, Transcendental Étude No 4, “Mazeppa”
Frederic Chopin, Barcarola in F Sharp Major, Op. 60 
Aleksander Skrjabin, Two Poems, Op. 32
Olivier Messiaen, Twenty Contemplations on the Infant Jesus, No 15 (The kiss of the Infant Jesus)
Béla Bartók, Out of Doors, suite

One of the most important figures in modern European pianism. He has a perfect understanding of how to balance timbre and dynamics, subtlety and full-out playing, control and fervour.
Mario Messinis

His strength lies in the originality and creativity of his interpretation. It is based on tradition, but goes well beyond the traditional confines of music.
Akiko Ebi

Aleksander Gadjiev is one of the few Slovenian musicians who have garnered lavish praise from the international music community. The turning point in his international career was the first prize at the Hamamatsu International Piano Competition (Japan, 2015), whose jury included Marta Argerich, the first lady of the piano. Gadjiev has solidified his reputation by winning the prestigious Piano Masters Monte Carlo competition (2018).

The contemplatively inquisitive musician who possesses great breadth of mind and cultural erudition has been delighting critics and audiences alike with his technical prowess and interpretive acumen. Selected with imaginativeness and musical insight, unconventional repertoire is a distinguishing aspect of his glittering career. At this concert, the artist will delve into Haydn’s masterful magnificence, Brahms’ absorbed introspection, Liszt’s coherent monumentality, as well as Messiaen’s meditativeness and Bartók’s radical simplicity. 



Alexander Gadjiev, piano

20 Nov 2019 19:30
20 Nov 2019 19:30
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