27 Jan 2023 19:00

Viki Grošelj: Traversing Nepal

Viki Grošelj, born on 3 June 1952, a world-class mountaineer, Himalayan, mountain guide and rescuer. Grošelj has made 11 ascents of Himalayan eight-thousanders, and was the first Slovenian to climb the highest mountains on all seven continents. He has authored 18 books. 
In 2021, 46 years after his first visit to Nepal, he realised his idea of traversing this Himalayan country in the north-south and east-west directions.

46 years of getting to know Nepal,
55 travels to one of the world's most charming countries,
20 mountaineering expeditions to the Nepal Himalayas’ highest peaks,
8 ascents to the summit of eight-thousanders,
6 filmmaking expeditions,
30 treks and explorations,
5 years of living in the heart of the Himalayas…
… a long, uninterrupted journey across the highest peaks of the world – back to the people.

I've completed a journey that renders meaningful all my confrontations with and feelings about this Himalayan country. Every day spent in Nepal is an important piece in the rich mosaic of experiences that have shaped me as a person. Almost seamlessly and unobtrusively, this mosaic began to transform me from a former "adrenaline junkie" and a dreamer into a "wise man" (perhaps sometime in the future), at peace with himself and the world. This is one of the reasons why I hope my journey to Nepal continues for many years to come.
Viki Grošelj

In his presentation, Viki Grošelj will share his insights with both mountain lovers and all travellers through life.

Viki Grošelj: Traversing Nepal

27 Jan 2023 19:00
27 Jan 2023 19:00
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