14 Jun at 19.30 (opening) – 4 Sept 2022

Luciano Rossetti: Note a margine

The small CD gallery is closed from July 5 to 8.
Photography exhibition, Curator Žiga Koritnik

There are men and women who sow seeds, who set emotions, states of mind and communication in action, who pave the way for others, and who have the power to move mountains.
They inspire us to get up and move, to get busy, and to experience life to the fullest.
Men and women who make music like others make bread.
There are also men and women who make us see things in ways we wouldn’t have been able to on our own, by highlighting details, changing perspectives, opening things up, shining the light. They literally make things reveal themselves. One of these men is photographer Luciano Rossetti.
Pino Saulo – a legendary RaiRadio3 presenter 

Photographs are “foot-notes”; they are a gaze at music or, better yet, a gaze inside music. It is a work-in-progress, a research “by images” into those aspects of music that the audiences usually do not see. Notes are a “presence/absence”, they are in the margin yet deeply present; music is present in the breaks during rehearsals, it is in the stage floorboards where an exhausted musician has stretched out, it is in the kiss of two young lovers on a beach to the rhythms of a double bass breaking into the waves. Throughout its wanderings in Italy and abroad, from a festival to a recording studio, from a beach to a club, the gaze tries to go beyond the stage, beyond the instrument, beyond the outward appearance usually granted by the musicians. There is a continuous attempt at investigating the human soul while trying to avoid stereotypes, clichés, the already seen. Therefore the images that involve musicians, the audiences, those who are just passing through and those involved much against their will; all of that artistic universe that revolves around music, that experiences the musical instant of improvisation and then fades away.

Luciano Rossetti

Luciano Rossetti has pursued a career in photography since the late 1970s.
He collaborates with magazines specialized in theatre and music for whom he has made dozens of covers.
In 2004, with other photographers, he co-founded the Phocus Agency, which specializes in performance photography. He was among the founding members of the Association of Italian Jazz Photographers AFIJ (2019), where he serves as secretary and board member. Involved in numerous projects for prominent recording labels, as well as many assignments as official photographer for jazz and theatre festivals.
Since the mid-1990s he has held solo and collective exhibitions both in Italy and abroad,
including the Triennale and Palazzo Reale in Milan, Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria in Perugia, Villa Celimontana in Rome, Gallery of the Marktgemeinde in St. Johann in Tirol, the Orensanz Foundation, Jazz Record Center and Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Centre in New York.
His photography has recently earned international acclaim for its excellence. In 2021, he received the "Best Photo of the Year Award”, as well as a nomination for Career Excellence in Photography from the Jazz Journalists Association (JJA), the American Jazz Journalists and Critics Association.



Luciano Rossetti: Note a margine

14 Jun at 19.30 (opening) – 4 Sept 2022
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The small CD gallery is closed from July 5 to 8.



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