3. nov. - 12. 12. 2021

DK: Remnants

Photography exhibition

DK is one of Slovenia’s most prominent photographers of the middle generation. His exceptional output is marked by an idiosyncratic visual and conceptual artistic style. The first association with the artistic name DK, in Slovenia and beyond, is probably still related mainly to the iconic portraits created in Ljubljana’s Alternative District of Metelkova.

An accomplished and established photographer, DK has been concurrently developing interest and practice in various areas of photography throughout his career: from documentary photography, even photojournalism, and series that have dealt with certain phenomena of social reality in a distinctive and critical artistic way to pure abstract photography, the least showcased part of his output that was eventually imaginatively presented within the context of the Scotoma exhibition in the Jakopič Gallery.

Non-representational photography exists in this area of conflict between material reality and photographic illusion – between fact and fiction. The Small Gallery exhibition – featuring photographs taken by their author in "timeless" Egypt, photographs that could be said to be lost in time – suspends it somewhere in-between. The accompanying text has been authored by art historian Hana Čeferin.

DK (1970) obtained a master's degree from a notable photo school in Munich (FPS). He has been member of Strip Core, an art and cultural production collective, for over thirty years. Through his work DK responds to current socio-political and cultural issues and, through a creative method based on artistic research, provides ambivalent yet insightful visual metaphors for the zeitgeist.
By means of the visual medium, the photographer's remarkable body of work activates an in-depth awareness – more sublime than direct, through kindling pristine emotions. DK thereby touches an individual on a subconscious level, more permanently. His work has recently been exhibited at the Photo Basel fair, the Vienna Photogalerie and Ljubljana’s Jakopič Gallery, which hosted a large exhibition of his photos, Scotoma.


DK: Remnants

3. nov. - 12. 12. 2021
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The exhibition has been organised in cooperation with Strip Core, a part of the Forum Ljubljana Institute for Art and Culture.



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