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11–22 November 2020

31st Ljubljana International Film Festival – Liffe

31st Liffe set to take place! From the comfort of your couch

Between 11 and 22 November 2020, a selection of 31st Ljubljana International Film Festival films will be available as an on-demand service.

By accessing visitors will be able to navigate – via the VOD (video on demand) platform – some of the finest and latest offerings from filmmakers braving these challenging times. They will be able to choose from approximately 20 titles, including five competition films from the Perspectives section.
Liffe is thus continuing to provide film enthusiasts with an insight into new, relevant, and quality film production.

The 31st Liffe programme initially comprised 55 feature films (and a selection of shorts), including the 17 films from the Federico Fellini retrospective – copies that cannot be shown digitally or remotely. Out of the 38 new productions, around 20 films will be available via the virtual platform. Regretfully, we were unable to obtain online screening licences for others, only theatre viewing rights.

Epidemiological situation permitting, the rest of Liffe 2020 films will be screened, together with the Federico Fellini retrospective, in cinemas this December.

It comes as a matter of course, as naturally as autumn follows summer, that one of the country’s main cultural events begins each second week of November. I am not referring to its content or temporal frame or audience figures. As a festival for cinephiles – some people even take time off from work to attend it – Liffe has become embedded in our November routine. Ženja Leiler, Delo

Why attend Liffe? Because it has the added value; i.e. personal interaction with the filmmakers in addition to all the complex film infrastructure. From Kaja Kovič’s interview with Simon Popek, Delo – Svet kapitala

Liffe annually attracts between 40,000 and 50,000 cinema-goers and film enthusiasts wishing to keep abreast of the global cinematic trends. The festival caters to all ages, from the youngest audiences to seniors, thus linking all generations. Liffe will soon register its 1,000,000th cinema-goer. Festival Director Simon Popek makes a well-chosen selection among the 700 films he sees throughout the season.

The festival caters for the broadest spectrum of audiences with eclectic tastes in quality art films – there’s something for everyone! Marjana Vovk, Vklop

How do you feel about people who take time off work to attend Liffe’s morning screenings?

I admire them. And everyone else: according to our statistics, Liffe cinema-goers see five films on average. Every year, I make lists with various categories to help people decide which films to see. These lists provide cinema-goers of all ages and tastes with guidance: from lovers of comedy to people appreciating introspective drama.

In general, Liffe caters for the broadest spectrum of audiences who come to see first-rate arthouse films with relevant content. I always advise people to see at least one third-world film. It is more or less impossible to see Asian, South American or African films in regular distribution. From Nadina Štefančič’s interview with Simon Popek, MMC RTV SLO

The Ljubljana Film Festival (a name that makes a felicitous and ambiguous acronym Liffe) represents a meeting point of the hearts and minds of several thousand lovers of good film and global cinematography. With a rich programme and large attendance figures, one can rest assured that quality will not be compromised in trying to appeal to popular taste. Sergej Hvala, Stop

The Perspectives section continues to form the core and heart of the festival, dedicated to first-time directors and emerging, usually young, filmmakers from all over the world; these films compete for the festival’s main prize, the Kingfisher Award. Ana Jurc, MMC RTV SLO

Liffe is a platform for numerous previews. Maja Čehovin Korsika, STA

Festival Awards 
Kingfisher, international jury award granted by the main sponsor, Telekom Slovenije, d.d., to the best film of the Perspectives section.
Dragon Audience Award to best-rated film. 
FIPRESCI Prize, presented by the jury of the International Federation of Film Critics.
Best Short Film Award
Kinotrip Young Jury Award
Art Cinema Network of Slovenia Award


Festival venues
Cankarjev dom (Linhart and Kosovel Halls), Kinodvor Cinema, Kino Bežigrad Cinema, Kino Komuna Cinema, Slovenian Cinematheque, Maribox, Metropol City Cinema Celje and Anton Podbevšek Teater Novo mesto

Main festival venue
Cankarjev dom’s Foyer II

November is the perfect month for cinema-going, with Liffe catering for film lovers and featuring some eagerly awaited titles, releases that would be almost impossible to see in Slovenian cinemas. What’s more, some Ljubljana cinemas are bursting at the seams, which is all due to the festival. Stop

31st Ljubljana International Film Festival – Liffe

11–22 November 2020
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