6. mar - 8. mar 2019

1st Fit4Kid International scientific Conference

The conference will feature new teaching and learning strategies in line with the modern lifestyle, the functioning of the human body based on the latest scientific findings and will offer an abundance of high-quality practices used in all fields of preschool, primary school as well as secondary school.

It will also be the first official presentation of Fit pedagogy, developed by Barbara Konda together with the Fit4Kid and Fit institutions in the last two decades, the Fit4Kid programme and the results of studies investigating its effectiveness. Fit pedagogy is a new and innovative teaching strategy, which brings to the foreground learning in motion and play as the most efficient methods in teaching children and adolescents. The conference will feature renowned speakers and lecturers in the fields of neuroscience, cognitive science, medicine and pedagogy, Prof. Dr. Manfred Spitzer, Prof. Dr. James A. Levine, Dr. Carla Hannaford and other invited lecturers from Slovenia and abroad.

 Who is the Fit4Kid conference for?

  • Primary school and kindergarten teachers.
  • Primary school teachers of children with special needs.
  • Teachers working in nurseries and preschools.
  • Preschool teachers of children with special needs.
  • Special education teachers, counsellors, psychologists, speech and language therapists and other similar professions.
  • Headmasters of preschools, primary schools and secondary schools.
  • Experts in the field of educational neuroscience.
  • Experts in the field of cognitive science.
  • Experts in the field of neuroscience.
  • Experts in the field of physiology, especially neurophysiology, developmental physiology and sport physiology.
  • Medical doctors in the fields of psychiatry, neurology, general medicine, family medicine, paediatrics, school medicine and others working in the areas of digital dementia and chronic non-communicable disease resulting from an inactive lifestyle.
  • Health-care workers working with children, adolescents, the prevention of chronic non-communicable disease and their treatment.
  • Coaches.
  • Students.
  • The entire lay society who would like to learn about new educational approaches and scientific findings in the field of educational neuroscience and other areas important in a child’s/ adolescent’s development.

1st Fit4Kid International scientific Conference

6. mar - 8. mar 2019
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