Safe to events

Measures adopted to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Cankarjev dom fully and strictly complies with all the instructions and recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health – we have put comprehensive measures in place to ensure your visit to Cankarjev dom is a safe and comfortable experience. Safety and health come first – both when it comes to indoor events and hybrid/online events. Measures introduced to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are employed during all steps of event planning: from preliminary meetings to event implementation.


The moment they enter Cankarjev dom, visitors are overwhelmed by the extraordinary monumentality and magnificence of our premises. This spaciousness, supported by an efficient ventilation system, ensures added public safety.

Social distancing

At a time when live events are not yet allowed, measures aimed at guaranteeing people’s safety have been introduced in implementing online events. Among other things, we ensure that the distance is maintained between contributors to or participants in digital events, and provide additional protection by means of plexiglass wall panels.


Hand sanitizer dispensers are available at all Cankarjev dom’s entrances and in toilet facilities. Touch points throughout the building are cleaned and disinfected with increased frequency. Where possible, the premises are aired by natural ventilation, e.g., by opening windows, and elsewhere by mechanical ventilation, e.g., air-conditioning system.


The use of face coverings is mandatory – a mask must cover both the mouth and nose.

Safety signs

Our premises are ready for the time when the epidemic subsides, and live events are permitted again. Safety signs have been put up in all venues indicating the mandatory two-metre distance, face masks and hand disinfection. Our venues allow for various room set-ups and can be quickly modified to suit the latest epidemiological conditions.

Each event is a unique story: we would be more than happy to explore additional possibilities of ensuring extra safety with our clients.



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