22nd Storytelling Festival
21. mar. –
30. mar.


Štih Hall, CD Club

When buying online tickets for individual performances through www.cd-cc.si yoou get 5% discount!

22nd Storytelling Festival

Slovenia’s main storytelling event centres on storytelling as a performance art. The 22nd Storytelling Festival will host a leading European cultural theorist specialised in tales and mythology, Marina Warner. Good yarn will be spun by eloquent speakers and compelling foreign guests, and workshops conducted by some of the most prominent European narrators telling stories for children and adults. Additional events planned for 2019 are An Evening of Tragic Endings #2: Ancient Myths and Sting – An Evening of True Stories. As 2019 marks the centennial of the birth of ethnologist Milko Matičetov, special attention will be dedicated to his rich legacy of folk tales.


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