11 May 19:00

Batsheva - The Young Ensemble: The Look & Other Creations

Batsheva – The Young Ensemble was founded by Naharin in 1990 when he joined the company as Artistic Director; out of an interest in nurturing creative processes, mentoring young dancers, and developing young audiences in Israel. Its unique framework comprises independent choreographic support, rigorous studio training, and domestic and international touring. The temporary nature of the program’s two-year structure colours it with a wide range of emotions, inspiring the dancers to make the most of their experience and make a significant impact on both their own practices and the execution of Naharin’s choreography.

This dimension has been enhanced by the latest choreography from his associate, dancer and choreographer Sharon Eyal, whose Love Chapter 2 was included in our Magnificent 7 Series in 2018. Naharin created the first two pieces, George & Zalman from 2006 and Black Milk from 1990, which provide an insight into the beginnings of his creative path and are the starting points from which Naharin’s signature style and technique later developed. His style is distinguished by “stunningly flexible limbs and spines, deeply grounded movement, explosive bursts and a vitality that grabs a viewer by the collar.

” The male dancers from the first part and the female dancers from the second one come together in the third piece. "Nobody can hurt me without my permission." Gandhi's statement is the conceptual basis for The Look, Sharon Eyal's new work for Batsheva – The Young Ensemble. The piece does not fail to impress and delivers on our expectations. The Look is a dark and beautiful vision that draws inspiration from the nightclub world and brings to the stage a hypnotic and unfamiliar language of movement… a new and innovative dance, totally consuming. And it’s sensational.


The Look is a dark and beautiful vision that draws inspiration from the nightclub world … a new and innovative dance, totally consuming

Batsheva - The Young Ensemble: The Look & Other Creations

11 May 19:00
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The Look
Choreography: Sharon Eya and Gai Behar
Music: Ori Lichtik

George & Zalman 
Choreography: Ohad Naharin
Music: Arvo Pärt, Für Alina

Black Milk
Choreography: Ohad Naharin (1985)
Music: Rhythm Song for One or More Marimbas, Paul Smadbeck, Etude No. 3



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