The Irrational π
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24. nov. 2017 09:00
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The Irrational π

How I learnt 3141 decimals

Theatre performance
For school students aged 12+ and secondary students

Devised by: Nik Škrlec, Katja Černe, Nika Švab, Vid Žnidaršič, Borut Bučinel; Performed by: Nik Škrlec; Co-production: AGRFT, Margareta Schwarzwald Institute, Cankarjev dom, Zavod k.g. –  Show Factory
An award-winning project by actor and host of the Male sive celice (Little Grey Cells) show, Nik Škrlec, who is also a state champion in reciting the number known as pi (3141 digits). Featuring the memory palace mnemotehnology, theis original show blends the worlds of maths and theatre into a playful whole.

Project supported by the Municipality of Ljubljana.


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