Solo for Two Voices
19. nov. 2017 20:00
20. nov. 2017 20:00
28. nov. 2017 20:00
28. mar. 2018 20:00
29. mar. 2018 20:00
9. May. 2018 20:00
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Solo for Two Voices

Magdalena Reiter, Milan Tomášik, Anja Golob

Devised by: Magdalena Reiter, Milan Tomášik, Anja Golob
Choreography, dance: Magdalena Reiter, Milan Tomášik
Dramaturge: Anja Golob
Music: Nenad Sinkauz and Alen Sinkauz
Costume design: Alan Hranitelj
Production: Zavod Mirabelka

Co-production: Cankarjev dom, Dance Theatre Ljubljana
Partners: Mediterranean Dance Centre San Vincenti, Croatia, Stara gara Institute

Acknowledgement: CK Španski borci

Co-financed by: Municipality of Ljubljana 


Letter of Testimony (Carta de creencia) holds a special place in the literary output of Mexican Nobel Prize winner Octavio Paz (1914–1998) – uniquely encapsulating the classical themes of his poetic idiom, while also being one of his possibly best known poems.

Titled Solo for Two Voices, the dance adaptation of Paz’s poem is our interpretation of his masterly poetry, a dance transliteration consciously relating to contemporaneity and retaining, on a formal level, the structure of clearly outlined units named after the musical score (cantata, coda). We aimed towards achieving a lucid, precise language of performance that engages in an open dialogue with the poem, while also laying particular emphasis, throughout the production process, on examining the juxtaposition of two dance expressions encountering each other for the first time on stage.

It is already in the introductory lines that Paz’s poem blurs the space-time dimension and then proceeds to expose – through various changes – the emerging intimate relationship to ontology of love, love difficult to comprehend (merely) through the intimacy between the two. In our frenzied and purposeless world it thus becomes a powerful vehicle for accentuating what really matters in life.






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Iris | 30.11.2017

A captivating and inspiring journey.

Thank you for this captivating and inspiring journey. I wish I had read the poem of Octavio Paz before the show... I can't wait to read it now, having in mind the memory of this intimate meeting (between the dancers but also the public), the reflective music, the tangible silence, the invisible light. All fit. Well done to all of you.