Dance Amore
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8. sep. 2017 20:00

22'90, 24'90, 29'90, 34'90 €

9. sep. 2017 17:30

22'90, 24'90, 29'90, 34'90 €

9. sep. 2017 20:00

22'90, 24'90, 29'90, 34'90 €

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Dance Amore

Organised by Delphin Entertainment

A group of acclaimed Slovenian Latin American and Ballroom Dancers joined forces over a decade ago and led by Jurij Batagelj, created a most unique and inspiring dance theatre performance called “The 50s Show”, with an unforgettable, incredible story that had never been told before.

The show sold out the Gallus hall of Ljubljan's Cankarjev dom no less than six times, successfully appeared at the Big Stage of Festival Lent and twice sold out NDK, which is one of the biggest congress halls in Southern Europe with 5,000 seats.

The dance story has since been expanded and now returns to the stage under kind patronage of the Delphin Entertainment production house. Audiences will be treated to one superlative after another: from vibrant set design, through glamorous costumes to exciting choreographies of the original cast, which is now joined by new amazing dancers, including some of Slovenia's best modern dance, jazz and hip-hop artists.

The overall performance will be further elevated by the young and talented vocalist Zala Smolnikar, playing the part of a foxy jazz singer, and by the well known and most charming narrator Domen Valič.

The cast will work together to envelop you in the story of the dance spectacle, now titled “Dance Amore!”

Backdrop: The Big Apple; the city of rebirth and grand opportunities. The year: 1947. The world is waking up newly optimistic and the outskirts of Brooklyn have never been as busy. Only 24 hours immersed into dance stories from New York's neighborhoods full of nightclubs, flashing lights and buzzing rhythms. The melting pot of creative talent is a meeting place for individuals from different environments, of different profiles and nationalities, but with a common vision: to create a better tomorrow through their love of life. In the midst of rapidly changing circumstances, they face many challenges that result in a blizzard of emotions and connect the pieces of the story. The spotlight goes on, the streets wake up and the stories of our dancing heroes come to life with them.

The Story includes performances by dance couples, as well as performances of other contemporary dance formats, all accompanied by a captivating voice that invites the audience into a world of conflicting emotions and gets their imagination going. The air smells of love at first sight, but also of a dramatic consequence of a tragic error, the horror of a bloody murder and the comedy of lively street characters.

The performance showcases all ten Latin American and Ballroom Dances, accompanied by exciting figures of the fiery Argentine tango, the naughty Salsa and the dynamic Swing.

You’ll want to put on your dancing shoes as well!


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