14. dec - 15. dec 2018

Shoulder Arthroscopy to Arthroplasty Symposium

We'd like to personally welcome each of you to the Shoulder Arthroscopy to Arthroplasty Symposium 2018; Current Concepts in Shoulder Pathology. It's an exciting time for shoulder surgeons as we continue to grow, remaining always adaptable, motivated and open to new ideas. Our shoulder surgery is confronting a time of many changes and we're encountering these changes during a period of large nation-wide and global transformation. As the world of shoulder pathology is an exciting area, one that we specialize in, it will always continue to bring inspired people together.

We'd like to provide you with new ideas and present the latest achievements in shoulder pathology treatment, which hopefully will inspire you in your future work. Thus gathered, we will discuss the latest achievements and established methods of surgical treatment of rotator cuff repair, gleno-humeral instability, AC joint pathology, total shoulder prosthesis, shoulder resurfacing, reverse shoulder prosthesis and shoulder infection.

However, we always strive to transform something in our technique during surgery and continuously improve our knowledge and ability of better tendon ingrowth or achieve better stability in cuff and labrum repair. As we improve surgical techniques, we at the same time improve the timing and choose the right indications for different surgical procedures used in specific shoulder pathology, learn tips and tricks and manage complications correctly.

Last but not the least, a few words about Ljubljana, our host city. This people-friendly, historical city boasting the legacy of Roman Emona is today a center of culture, business and social life in this part of Europe. 

In concluding, we'd like to thank each of you for attending our symposium and bringing your expertise to our gathering. You have the vision, the knowledge, the wherewithal and the experience to help us pave our way into the future. Throughout this conference we ask you to stay engaged, proactive and to shape the future of shoulder arthroscopy and arthroplasty. Our personal thanks go out to all of you.


Benjamin Marjanovic MD
Head of the Department of Arthroscopy and Sports Orthopedic
Orthopedic Hospital Valdoltra

Prof. Oskar Zupanc MD, PhD
President of SSASST
Head of the Department of Arthroscopy & Sports Injuries
University Orthopedic Clinic Ljubljana (UMC)

Shoulder Arthroscopy to Arthroplasty Symposium

14. dec - 15. dec 2018
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