The Snowdrops and Primroses Festival
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27. feb. 2018 18:00

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Cankarjevi torki (Tuesday Clubbing)

The Snowdrops and Primroses Festival

The 4th One-Day Festival of Slovenian Jazz Music

In cooperation with the University Botanic Gardens Ljubljana


Boštjan Simon There Be Monsters
Boštjan Simon, tenor, soprano saxophone; Luigi Vitale, vibraphone; Goran Krmac, tuba; Žiga Murko, trombone; Bojan Krhlanko, drums

 “There be monsters” means dangerous or unexplored territories, in imitation of a medieval practice of putting illustrations of dragons, sea monsters and other mythological creatures on uncharted areas of maps. Man’s attitude towards the unknown thus manifests itself as delimitation of own’s own territory and an admonition about the dangers of wandering off into unidentified regions. In their music, There Be Monsters explore the limits between the known and unknown, between composed and completely open soundscapes. The acoustic line-up allows for sonic allusions to layers of the known, while employing non-traditional approaches to contemporary classical music and aleatoric improvisation.


Rok Zalokar, piano; Pia Podgornik, saxophone; Dré Hočevar, drums

Opening up vast new musical horizons, precept.concept.percept, a hybrid sound-experimental platform, pursues the mission of creating and performing post-conceptual, contemporary musical works. The concert given within the context of the festival launches the band’s promotional tour for their eponymous debut album – precept.concept.percept.


Mihael Hrustelj solo guitar

The recital of idiosyncratic classical guitarist, Dutch-based Mihael Hrustelj, features distinctive guitar-playing and -drumming, singing, and use of effects and self-made electronic toys. His repertoire mainly consists of his own compositions and occasional works from the treasury of traditional Slovenian or Balkan music.


Kaja Draksler, piano; Petter Eldh, double bass; Christian Lillinger, drums

The trio started at the October Meeting 2016 at the Bimhuis, in Amsterdam. “Punkt”, a point of view and a musical statement in Swedish, “Vrt” (garden in Slovenian), where the musical ideas are planted and cultivated, and “Plastik” (German), as a sound vision, plasticity of musical shapes and structures.

The Amsterdam based pianist and composer Kaja Draksler collaborates with two highly respected Berlin residents: Eldh, the near-ubiquitous Swedish bassist, and the drummer Christian Lillinger, both bringing their great originality to bear on a three-way conversation of equal voices.


Ecliptic feat. Jani Moder
Jani Moder, guitar, effects; Igor Matkovič, trumpet, electronica; Jani Hace, bass, effects; Murat, beatbox; Žiga Kožar, drums

Featuring a new line-up of acclaimed and accomplished musicians, the band’s sound incorporates elements of drum 'n' bass, ambient-electronic experimentation and ​search for new music experiences. Music as an ever-changing, dynamic and open-minded formation, a musical interaction among equal voices.



After each show concert-goers receive a complimentary glass of wine.

We reserve the right to make changes to the programme.


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