The Magnificent 7 Subscription series
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7. nov. 2017 –
18. May. 2018

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The Magnificent 7 Subscription series

Celebration of Life

Whether featuring dance or theatre projects, The Magnificent 7 Series comprises both tragic and optimistic tones, melancholy and joie de vivre, passion and lyricism. Regardless of their overriding mood, the pieces invariably burst with vitality and vigour, replete with the primary human energy that is the prerequisite for enjoying and celebrating life.

Tristan and Isolde by charismatic Japanese contemporary dance choreographer, Saburo Teshigawara, strikingly blends traditional and contemporary artistic idioms. Based on the score by Richard Wagner, the piece is infused with Teshigawara’s unique sensibility that has been enchanting worldwide audiences for over two decades.

In the run-up to the New Year festivities, we will host a ballet adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, one of the greatest love stories of all time, by choreographer Angelin Preljocaj and his legendary Ballet Preljocaj. A poignant, bitter-sweet production of ethereal beauty that features music by Sergei Prokofiev, is coming to Ljubljana as a restaging of the piece from 1990, and is a special holiday treat on four late-December nights, the time when we face our mortality and at the same time celebrate new life.

The year 2018 marks the centennial of the death of Slovenian author Ivan Cankar. Acknowledged director Eduard Miler will be at the helm of the grand theatre co-production, Scandal in St. Florian Valley, a farce of prophetic vision and timeless quality.

Testifying to the enduring vitality and vibrancy of the contemporary flamenco scene, Fall from Heaven by dancer and choreographer Rocío Molina, a major flamenco dance star, is touring Slovenia in February. Informed with contemporary dance flavours, Molina’s daring and spirited style transcends the limitations of classical flamenco.

The triple bill by Sydney Dance Company, Full Moon/Lux Tenebris/Wildebeest, recreates the Australian past by investing it with a contemporary edge, blurring the boundaries between the corporeal and technology to the point that it is impossible to distinguish between what is operated and what self-willed.

Pixel by Compagnie Käfig blends dance and state-of-the-art three-dimensional video projection; the body becomes digitalised and the image more real than reality itself.

Andrej Jaklič


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