The Globokar Planet
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13. dec. 2017 11:00

8'50 EUR

13. dec. 2017 18:00

8'50 EUR

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Predihano, Series of New Music

The Globokar Planet

Multimedia music performance

Studio Dan
Music Director: Daniel Riegler; directed by: Manfred Weissensteiner; performed by: Studio Dan musicians; co-production: Big Bang Festival, KinderKinder (Hamburg), Studio Dan (Vienna), TaO! (Graz)

Composer Vinko Globokar approaches traditional musical instruments with frolicsome joy

and childlike enthusiasm; to him an instrument is not a sacred object, but an extension of the body. Everything is disassembled and then peculiarly re-assembled in his unique musical laboratory – trombones are connected to garden hoses, clarinets are played underwater or all ensemble members whirl during performance in dizzying circles. On this planet, all animate and inanimate things bear their sonic meaning, which is conveyed as a sonorous landscape of high sonic density and diversity. The subversive wittiness and anarchic sound of The Globokar Planet invites us to break away from the everyday reality and hear music (and life) from an alternative perspective.



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